Lens of the Month!

For April we don’t have a film of the month… what??? We decided to switch things up and give something new a try. We realize some of the films we choose in the past were difficult to find, or the price was a bit high… so we picked a lens that is a frugal often forgotten focal length! It is the 135mm prime lens. I’m sure most people already have one in a camera bag just collecting dust… such was the case for me. I seem to have multiple copies that appeared over the years, the only one I purchased was for my Leica R system and it was a bargain!

Pentax Spotmatic
grab your 135 lens and join us!

A few years back I participated in dan Novak’s 135 Challenge and discovered I really enjoyed the 135 focal length. So why not do it again? The rules are simple:

  • use a 135mm focal length lens
  • any camera is eligible, yes digital or film, grab those lens adapters!
  • if you shoot film, you can use a film of your choice
  • black and white OR colour, does not matter which
  • have fun!
  • share your results on the Embrace the Grain Photography Podcast FB group.



Film Of The Month – March

Well its that time again, for a new film of the month! This month we have Kentmere 100 as the choice. It is a budget black and white film that should be fun to play with. Looking forward to seeing your photos on the Embrace The Grain Photography Podcast Facebook group! As always we love to hear from our listeners…

Also the Music Feeds the Soul contest is closing, results will be chosen on March 8th recording date. Technically the contest is closed… but we are accepting late entries… always nice to have a few days grace! You can see the entries here


Film of The Month – February 2022

Welcome to February’s film of the month! Lomochrome Metropolis! This roll in the photo was the original kickstarter film, I’ve been waiting until I could find a battery replacement for my Trimlite…it takes a special k-battery, which I finally found an adapter on eBay! Can’t wait to try this one out.

Please share your Lomo Metropolis shots on the FB group or on IG with tag #embracethegrainpodcast for a chance to be featured on our feed!


Music Feeds The Soul – Entries

This post will contain all the cool entries for the album art sent in by our listeners!

Our first entry is from Jack Bulkley and here is what he said about his entry! “I have not come up with anything I could stage and photograph, but I did have this idea.Here is a version of a famous album cover featuring people from the film photography online community. It is crudely done, but so was the original cover.”

by Jack Bulkley

Another entry from the talented Wendy Gunderson, she wrote “I put this together for a contest at work a couple years ago. It’s a really fun challenge!”

by Wendy Gunderson

Our third entry by George Griffin.

My entry for the album cover. A recreation of John Cale’s second solo album, The Academy in Peril.

The cover was designed by Andy Warhol.

I had to find my old Kodachrome slides from 1977, to help recreate this.

By: George Griffin

Our fourth entry is from Larry Effler, here’s what he had to say. “Many of my favourite film photography podcasters andYouTubers are Canadian… as are three of my favourite musicians. I thought I would pay tribute to some of my creative neighbours to the north of the border with homage to a Rush album. Stay Positive. Larry Effler: Maryville, TN.”

By: Larry Effler
By: Larry Effacer

Last minute entry… Gabe Sachs and Jeff Greenstein wanted to do this Simon and Garfunkel album cover but had exactly 45 minutes… 5 minutes before recording and there it is… thanks guys for playing along!

Sachs & Greenstein

Cover art by Billy Sanford and his rendition of Led Zeppelin IV.

Album art by Billy Sanford, replica of Led Zeppelin IV
Album art by Billy Sanford, replica of Led Zeppelin IV

Sherry did an album for fun, using her iPhone. She’s not eligible for a prize… but played along anyway.


Music feeds the soul…

Silence may make the heart grow fonder, but music feeds the creative soul. How often do you turn on the radio in your car? Listen to a podcast while developing film? Crank up the record player while doing chores? Speaking of records or vinyl as it is called these days, remember the art that went into the covers and sleeves inside? Or if you were lucky the lyrics were in there too! So what does this have to do with the Embrace The Grain Photography Podcast?

Friend of the show Billy Sanford had a great idea and we thought it would be fun to run our first contest of 2022, an extension of his chat on the Sunny 16 presents podcast, so here are the details…

-Recreate a album cover of your choice (not the Beatles white album) think Micheal Jacksons Thriller or Saturday Night Fever.

-Submit your photos to embracethegrainpodcast@gmail.com and they will be uploaded to this site.

-You have until the end of February to submit your images.

-Sherry and Jake will pick the winner and announce it on the show. The winner will have their choice of ONE of these prizes supplied by Billy.

*A B&H gift card for $30 US

*A Analogue Wonderland £25 gift card

*Billy will mail three from his personal stash and a print!

Photo by Billy Sanford

What can you use to shoot? A camera! Film, digital, instant pretty much anything you can make an image with. Get creative.


Film of The Month – January 2022

Happy New Year!!! Film of the month is still going… as like last year we will choose a film and you can try it out! What a great way to try out some new films and share your results with others… this is an optional thing, just for fun. Don’t like the choice? There will be a new one next month to try!

This month its JCH 400, please share your results on the Embrace The Grain Photography Podcast FB group or on IG with the tag #embracethegrainpodcast for a chance to be featured on our feed!



Sherry had a family emergency last summer and had to put the show on hold. Things settled and harvest came a bit earlier than normal. Jake moved and that kept him busy too!

After such a long absence, it will take a while to get organized and back on air… but October is the month! Stay tuned, more info to come.

Film of the Month – May

April is winding up, we hope you enjoyed the 135 lens challenge for April! So… what’s next? Back to a film, but one that should be easily accessible and fairly affordable. This film has many re-brands… so if you can’t find it, do a bit of googling and find one of the many other options available. This one isn’t going to be a supply chain issue!

Film of The Month – May

Fomapan 400 is the choice for May, any film camera or format is welcome. The only requirement is the film. If you would like to join us our Facebook group (Embrace The Grain Photography Podcast) to share you results, we would love to see them. Also tag the Instagram account with #embracethegrainpodcast to be featured!

Stay positive and embrace the grain!