Lens of the Month!

Pentax Spotmatic

For April we don’t have a film of the month… what??? We decided to switch things up and give something new a try. We realize some of the films we choose in the past were difficult to find, or the price was a bit high… so we picked a lens that is a frugal often forgotten focal length! It is the 135mm prime lens. I’m sure most people already have one in a camera bag just collecting dust… such was the case for me. I seem to have multiple copies that appeared over the years, the only one I purchased was for my Leica R system and it was a bargain!

Pentax Spotmatic
grab your 135 lens and join us!

A few years back I participated in dan Novak’s 135 Challenge and discovered I really enjoyed the 135 focal length. So why not do it again? The rules are simple:

  • use a 135mm focal length lens
  • any camera is eligible, yes digital or film, grab those lens adapters!
  • if you shoot film, you can use a film of your choice
  • black and white OR colour, does not matter which
  • have fun!
  • share your results on the Embrace the Grain Photography Podcast FB group.


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