Music feeds the soul…

Silence may make the heart grow fonder, but music feeds the creative soul. How often do you turn on the radio in your car? Listen to a podcast while developing film? Crank up the record player while doing chores? Speaking of records or vinyl as it is called these days, remember the art that went into the covers and sleeves inside? Or if you were lucky the lyrics were in there too! So what does this have to do with the Embrace The Grain Photography Podcast?

Friend of the show Billy Sanford had a great idea and we thought it would be fun to run our first contest of 2022, an extension of his chat on the Sunny 16 presents podcast, so here are the details…

-Recreate a album cover of your choice (not the Beatles white album) think Micheal Jacksons Thriller or Saturday Night Fever.

-Submit your photos to and they will be uploaded to this site.

-You have until the end of February to submit your images.

-Sherry and Jake will pick the winner and announce it on the show. The winner will have their choice of ONE of these prizes supplied by Billy.

*A B&H gift card for $30 US

*A Analogue Wonderland £25 gift card

*Billy will mail three from his personal stash and a print!

Photo by Billy Sanford

What can you use to shoot? A camera! Film, digital, instant pretty much anything you can make an image with. Get creative.

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