Music Feeds The Soul – Entries

Album art by Billy Sanford, replica of Led Zeppelin IV

This post will contain all the cool entries for the album art sent in by our listeners!

Our first entry is from Jack Bulkley and here is what he said about his entry! “I have not come up with anything I could stage and photograph, but I did have this idea.Here is a version of a famous album cover featuring people from the film photography online community. It is crudely done, but so was the original cover.”

by Jack Bulkley

Another entry from the talented Wendy Gunderson, she wrote “I put this together for a contest at work a couple years ago. It’s a really fun challenge!”

by Wendy Gunderson

Our third entry by George Griffin.

My entry for the album cover. A recreation of John Cale’s second solo album, The Academy in Peril.

The cover was designed by Andy Warhol.

I had to find my old Kodachrome slides from 1977, to help recreate this.

By: George Griffin

Our fourth entry is from Larry Effler, here’s what he had to say. “Many of my favourite film photography podcasters andYouTubers are Canadian… as are three of my favourite musicians. I thought I would pay tribute to some of my creative neighbours to the north of the border with homage to a Rush album. Stay Positive. Larry Effler: Maryville, TN.”

By: Larry Effler
By: Larry Effacer

Last minute entry… Gabe Sachs and Jeff Greenstein wanted to do this Simon and Garfunkel album cover but had exactly 45 minutes… 5 minutes before recording and there it is… thanks guys for playing along!

Sachs & Greenstein

Cover art by Billy Sanford and his rendition of Led Zeppelin IV.

Album art by Billy Sanford, replica of Led Zeppelin IV
Album art by Billy Sanford, replica of Led Zeppelin IV

Sherry did an album for fun, using her iPhone. She’s not eligible for a prize… but played along anyway.

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